Monday, 23 May 2011

A walk in the park?

I consider myself lucky to live opposite a beautiful park and enjoy taking my dog Dillon over there most days, to walk round it's mini golf course, bowling green and tennis courts which are sat amongst well maintained and beautiful flowerbeds.
Recently one evening I was pleasantly surprised to see a young lad digging over the borders, while waiting for Dillon to catch up I watched him stand back and proudly admire the work he had achieved. Most nights I see him pottering around tending to the gardens, but I think his actual job is working on the kiosk.

As there is such a lack of apprenticeships throughout all of our industries I hope he has the determination to push himself into what he wants to do and not be another youngster who's talents aren't utilised to their fullest for his own fulfillment and contributing to society, he's clearly making a good start.

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